who we are

Kiolbi is a dynamic and multifaceted business entity operating in Nigeria, committed to delivering a diverse range of product and financial services to empower individuals and organizations. Our mission is to drive growth and innovation, foster financial success, and enhance the overall quality of businesses and communities across Nigeria.


Kiolbi labs emanated out of the need to see product management become mainstream. For the longest time, most people who were product managers in the country have had to make do with trial and error while the ones who became certificated have had to get it outside the shores of the country.

Seeing that huge gap has been a driving force, Kiolbi labs is a product of that desire. As core professionals with over a decade of experience between us, this course is more than just putting your through, it is a process of holding you by the hand and watching you thrive.

Mission Statement

Empowering individuals to thrive in the dynamic landscape of business and product management by providing innovative, practical, and industry-relevant training, fostering a community of collaboration, and unlocking the full potential of aspiring professionals.

Vision Statement

To be the globally recognized and preferred destination for individuals seeking to enhance their business and product management skills, known for our transformative education, cutting-edge resources, and vibrant community that propels careers and businesses to new heights.

Core values

Excellence, Innovation, Community, Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion, Continuous learning, Career growth

Top Courses

Introduction to Product Management

Product Management Cohort

Business Analysis Course

Project Management Course

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