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Product Management Course

This course will provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience that will boost your expertise.
Get proficient and launch into the world of product management like the pro that you are. Beyond theory, this course will enhance your confidence in product management in real-world scenarios. Upon completion, you’ll gain access to exclusive offerings from industry experts and thought leaders.
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Welcome to Product Management Course – your comprehensive guide to mastering the art and science of product management. Whether you’re an intermediate professional seeking to transition into Product Management or you’re a professional seeking to elevate your career this course will help you upskill quickly.

Throughout the course, you will learn from industry experts, starting from Introduction to Product Management, Product Research for Product Managers, Understanding Product Development Lifecycle, Introduction to Agile Product Development, Product Feature Prioritization Techniques, Wireframing for Product Managers, Creating Roadmaps for Products, Planning and Building your MVP.


Week 1 - Introduction to Product Management

1. What is a Product?
2. What is Product Management?
3. Project Management Vs Product Management.
4. Who is a Product Manager?
5. Responsibilities of a Product Manager.
6. Different Roles in Product (Product Owner & Product Manager.
7. Hard & Soft Skills of a Product Manager.
8. Good PM Vs Bad Product Manager.

Week 2 - Product Research & Discovery

1.) What is Product Research?
2.) Importance of Product Research.
3.) What is User Research?
4.) Methods for User Research.
5.) What is Market Research?
6.) Objectives of Market Research.
7.) What is Competitor Analysis?
8.) Objectives of Competitor Analysis.
9.) Product Ideation & Validation.
10.) Product Vision & Strategy.
11.) User Personas, PRD and User Stories.
12.) Product Roadmap & Product Milestones.

Week 3 - Product Development Life Cycle

1.) Software Development Life Cycle 1 – (Planning, Analysis, Definitions and Requirements Specification)
2.) Software Development Life Cycle 2 – (Design, Development, Deployment, Testing and Maintenance)
3.) Waterfall Vs Agile (Agile Methodology & Scrum Framework)
4.) Introduction to Agile Methodology.
5.) Types of Agile Methodology.
6.) Agile Values and The Scrum Framework.
7.) How to work with Designers, Engineers & Managers.

Week 4 - The Concept of MVP & Product Prioritization Techniques

1.) What is an MVP ?
2.) Rightway to build an MVP.
3.) Prioritisation Frameworks.
4.) How to prioritise tasks.
5.) How to make informed Product Decisions.

Week 5 - Business Acumen & Product Analytics

1.) Business Model.
2.) Monetization.
3.) Pricing Strategy.
4.) Growth Funnel.
5.) GTM Strategy.
6.) Success Metrics – North Star Metrics, OKRs & KPIs, Feedback Loop, Analyse, Measure & Improve.

Week 6 - Capstone Project

Submission of Capstone Project.