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Business Analysis

Explore business analysis and begin your career as a business analyst within 6 weeks.
Our Business Analysis course focuses on providing you with the tools and techniques needed to identify business needs, offer solutions, and facilitate their implementation. Whether you’re a beginner or have advanced knowledge, our training will boost your confidence and skills to excel in the field.
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Welcome to Business Analysis. Business Analysis involves identifying business needs and determining solutions to address those needs. It involves analyzing business processes, systems, and data to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

With a strong focus on predefined business needs, business analysis consultants identify problems, opportunities, and needs of a company, offer solutions, and also help implement them. Our business analysis training services offer participants the tools and techniques to offer business solutions that are aligned with the corporate strategic vision.


Week 1 - Understanding the Role of a Business Analyst

1. Who is a business analyst
2. Importance of business analysis
3. What is business analysis
4. Business analysis specification
5. Various BA roles.

Week 2 - Business Analysis Deliverables and Techniques

1. Business Analysis deliverables.
2. Business Analysis techniques.

Week 3 - Technical Business Analysis

1. Role of a technical business analyst
2. Skills of a business analyst

Week 4 - Project Framework and SDLC

1. Project Framework.
2. Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
3. The Business Case.
4. Business Requirement document.

Week 5 - Requirement Gathering and Engineering

1. Requirement gathering.
2. Use cases/ user stories.
3. Gherkin syntax.
4. Requirement engineering.

Week 6 - Capstone Project

Submission of Capstone Project.