Introduction to Product Management

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Introduction to Product Management

Get ready to be immersed in the world of product management in this course.
Welcome to the world of Product Management! As a product manager, you play a pivotal role in shaping and delivering products that meet customer needs and drive business success. Equip yourself with the foundational knowledge and skills to launch a successful product management career.
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Welcome to the “Introduction to Product Management”, This course was designed specifically for beginners entering the field or professionals aiming to transition into product management, the “Introduction to Product Management” course is a meticulously crafted program to give you the required knowledge and skill within the product management field.

This comprehensive guide offers foundational insights and practical skills crucial for success in the the dynamic landscape of product management. Learn from Industry Experts, benefiting from insights and experiences of seasoned professionals.


Week 1 - Introduction to Product Management

1.) What is a Product?
2.) Who is a Manager?
3.) What is Product Management?
4.)Project Management Vs Product Management.
5.) Who is a Product Manager?
6.) Responsibilities of a Product Manager.
7.) Different Roles in Product (Product Owner, Business Analyst & Product Manager) Hard & Soft Skills of a PM.
8.) Good PM Vs Bad PM

Week 2 -Product Research

1.) What is Product Research?
2.) Importance of Product Research.
3.) What is User Research?
4.) Methods for User Research.
5.) What is Market Research?
6.) Objectives of Market Research.
7.) What is Competitor Analysis?
8.) Objectives of Competitor Analysis.

Week 3 -Product Discovery

1.) Product Ideation & Validation.
2.) Product Vision & Strategy.
3.) User Personas, PRD and User Stories.
4.) Product Roadmap & Product Milestones

Week 4 - Capstone Project

Submission of Capstone Project